Building an Emulator

I created this blog to document an emulator project I’m working on. I’m going to try to install a Raspberry Pi powered emulator into a video game console case.

I got interested in building an emulator thanks to Mario Kart. My wife and I were looking around for some video games we could play together and decided to give Mario Kart Wii a try. Seeing all those references to old Mario games really got me in the mood to go back and play them. I had seen some info about the RetroPie project and decided to install it on my Raspberry Pi. The process itself was pretty simple since it only involved copying a provided image onto an SD card. I ordered this SNES style USB controller to use with it.

During the setup process I found a couple of sites describing how people had taking their Raspberry Pi and installed it into an NES case. I thought I would give this a try myself. I haven’t ever done any computer hardware working beyond replacing drives but I figured it will be a good way to learn.

I found a store near where I live that does some video game console repair and asked if they had any broken consoles. They didn’t have anything as old as an NES or Super NES but they did have a Sega Dreamcast. It’s not a Nintendo console but since I’m planning on using it to emulate non-Nintendo systems as well I figure it will work fine. Besides, it definitely has that retro look:


The case was pretty beat up but cleaned up fairly well. After stripping out the innards I found that it has a removable metal plate at the bottom:



This should work really well for fastening the components inside the case.

Now that I have the case I’m in the process of researching what it will take to build this out. I’ll update this once I’m ready to move to the next step.


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