Emulator Build Plan

I have pretty much all of the parts I need to build out my emulator now so I’m making some general construction plans. I’ve mentally divided the process up into three different phases:

The first phase will be prepping the software. The RetroPie Project, which is what I’ll be using to power my emulator, is a set of programs running on the Raspbian Linux distro. Ultimately I want to prep a clean installation of Raspbian and compile the emulator software manually but for now I think I’ll just use the existing image I already have. I don’t want to get too bogged down in setup and lose steam in the project as a whole. Besides, I can always rework the software side of the things after the hardware part is done. The only thing is I’ll have to test my existing SD card image to make sure it will work correctly on my new Raspberry Pi. The image was setup to work on the Raspberry Pi B but the new Raspberry Pi I bought to dedicate to the project is a B+.

The second phase will be prototyping the guts of the project outside of the case. At least one of the components requires soldering. Before committing to that I’ll be wiring everything up to a breadboard to work out any problems with my design.

If all goes well with my prototyping phase I can move onto phase three: installation in the case.


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