Now that the power supply is ready I decided to move along to the HDMI port. I purchased this panel mount cable for the job.


I picked the Serial port on the back of the Dreamcast case and drilled two holes for the screws.


The cable fit in great.



This step ended up being much simpler than the power unit. The only thing that worries me at this point is getting all of the elements to fit into the case. I was hoping to use the AV Out port on the case to hold the HDMI connector but it ended up being too wide. The Serial fits the connector perfectly but it sits just beneath the power cord port. I might have to get creative with the arraignment of the AC adapter (and the other parts) when I begin installing them.

Well, that sums up the HDMI port step. The next step will be the installation of the USB cables. I’d like to fasten them to the controller ports on the front of the box. This will allow me to plug my USB controllers into the front which will help me to preserve the original look and feel of the case. To do this though I’m going to have to find some USB cables whose female ends will fit into the controller ports. I’ll probably have to buy a couple of test cables to find the correct one for me.


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