Raspberry Pi 2

I think I’ve already found a future upgrade for my emulator. The Raspberry Pi 2 was recently announced. It contains a more powerful CPU and ups the cores from one to four. I’m pretty excited to find out what this new Pi might be able to do with video game emulation. If I’m correct the emulators that the RetroPie Project uses don’t support multiple cores but the fact that the speed of the CPU has been increased should help out. I’ve already seen videos of people using the Pi 2 to play SNES games which use the Super FX Chip as well as N64 games without the video and audio stutter you would see when playing them on the Pi B. I couldn’t tell if the games were running at full speed or not (the videos I saw weren’t exactly professionally filmed) but I still have hope that they might be able to. In the videos I watched the recorders did not claim to have over clocked the CPU. If there is any delay over clocking the Pi 2 might fix the issue.

Even if full N64 emulation isn’t possible I do hope that the Pi 2 will at least be able to handle Super FX SNES games. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to play some of those games particularly Super Mario RPG.

Another good thing about the Pi 2 is that is has the same layout as the B+. Since the mounting points are in the same place the upgrade should be very simple. I should be able to just crack open the case and slap the new Pi in place.

On a project related note I’ve ordered what I hope to be the last set of cables that I need for my emulator. Once they arrive I should be able to install all the elements in the case. Hopefully I’ll be updating this blog soon.


One thought on “Raspberry Pi 2

  1. Hi Kevin,
    Hard to say whether you will see an improvement with the Pi2. A rule of thumb for many years has been that, to see a noticeable increase in user interface “snappiness” requires a 50% increase in processor speed. The Pi is only going from 700MHz to 900MHz. Perhaps that will be enough to move the performance from “almost there” to “just enough”. The addressable memory is also increased in the Pi2, and since that memory is shared for video processing, you might get more boost than the numbers predict.
    In any case, for $35 it is worth trying! I’ll even buy the old model from you at full price.
    Enjoying the project. Uncle Tom


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