Now that I have all of the pieces ready it’s time to begin installation. I was originally planning on giving more details on how I fit things into the Dreamcast case but a couple of snags I ran into made the process a bit harder than I initially thought. Instead I’ve decided just show a view of the pieces in their final locations and give a high level description of how I fit them in.


The panel mount HDMI cable has its jack in the upper, left-hand corner and snakes around to the Pi which is in the front. I put the USB hub on top of it and secured it to the back of the case. My modded AC adapter’s AC jack sits just above HDMI jack and the AC/DC converter box fits on the left-hand side of the case. I have all the other cables running between, over and under these main components.

You’ll see that I have a couple of items attached to the under side of the top section of the case. The black box is one end of that SD card extension cable. I attached it right next to the opening of the CD access lid. This will allow me to access my SD card simply by opening the lid. On the front of the upper section (bottom of the picture) I attached an LED which I connected to the Pi’s 3.3 volt GPIO pin. The LED is fixed to the under side of the Dreamcast’s power light conduit. Thanks to the fact that the Mausberry switch controls power flow into the Pi the LED acts just like a power light on a “real” video game console. As soon as I press the power switch to boot the console the LED with light up. When I shut down the console the light will remain on until shutdown is complete and the Mausberry switch pulls the power.

As you can see I had to do some creative arraignment of the pieces to get them all to fit in but I got the final result I wanted. The only remaining steps is to close the case and turn it on.


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