It’s upgrade time! I just got a Raspberry Pi 3, and I’m ready to put it into my console.

This upgrade won’t be as simple as opening the case and slapping in the new Pi though. I’m pretty sure the powered hub I’m currently using will need to be replaced. I recently put together a media computer using a Pi 2, and found that the Pi was throwing the low power warning when using the same model hub. These new model Pi’s just take more power than the original. I’ll test the hub to make sure, but I’m sure I’ll be replacing it. Of course that will probably mean reworking my current power supply.

While I have the case open, I’m going to make some improvements. When I first constructed this console, I had very limited soldering skills. I didn’t feel confident enough to shorten the cables I used. Even though I tried to pick cables that were as short as possible, most of them were longer than they needed to be, and that cost me a lot of space. I was surprised how much space cables can take up in a case. I’m going to try to fix this during my upgrade. With some help from this Ben Heck Show video, I think I can pull it off.

In addition to the above, I’m also going to add a new feature to the console. As cool as it feels using old-school controllers, they just aren’t always the most comfortable things to hold for long periods of time. That and the fact that they are not wireless made them not ideal. Over the past few months, I’ve moved on to using wireless XBox 360 controllers. During the upgrade, I’m going to take the controller dongle I’m using and embed it in the case. This may take a small amount of modding of the case itself since I want the dongle’s connecting LED to be visible when I connect a controller. I’m not completely sure where I’m going to put this. I’m thinking that I may embed it somewhere in the plastic beneath the CD lid. This will give me easy access without making any changes to the case that are visible when the lid is closed. But, I’ll decide on this later. First comes the reworking of the existing parts.


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