Kid Friendly RetroPie

I’ve ordered the parts I need for my project. I purchased both male and female USB jacks as well as some heat shrink tubing. Now the wait until my parts arrive.

In the mean time, I decided to prep RetroPie for my niece and nephews. There were two config menus that are very easy to access. I don’t want the kids to accidentally enter them and change any settings. Of course, I have the system backed up, but it’s best for things not to get set incorrectly in the first place.

One item I definitely wanted hidden is the run command menu displayed when ROMs are being loaded. It’s very easy to accidentally click into it and change things you shouldn’t. I found this page which mentions a menu used to deactivate it. After running RetroPie Setup, you will find the menu pictured on the page in Setup/Configuration > Configure the ‘runcommand’ – Launch Script.

The other item I wanted to hide was the RetroPie config menu displayed in EmulationStation. This one was super simple to remove. All you have to do is edit EmulationStation’s ES Systems file (in /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg) and delete the entry named retropie.


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